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The Colorado Aquarium Society, established in 1947,  is an open group for aquarists to share their interest in all facets of the aquarium hobby. Our members consist of advanced expert hobbyists as well as beginners and all levels between.  If you are interested in learning about the hobby, sharing your experience in the hobby, or would like to discuss any aspect of fish, invertebrates, plants, aquariums, ponds, and amphibians, The Colorado Aquarium Society General Meetings are open to the public and everyone is welcome!

The CAS was established in 1947 and incorporated under Colorado law as a non profit organization on November 6, 1962.

For a detailed review of our history go to our history page.

Random Tip #38 - General
If you have a tendancy to visit fish shops while traveling around town, it is a great idea to keep a styrafoam cooler or an insulated travel bag in your car or truck. They are good for helping to regulate the temperature of fish bags regardless of hot or cold weather.       - T. Fells
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Announcing The Colorado Aquarium Society’s Annual Spring Auction!

Saturday, March 22, 2014    
6750 Carr St.
Arvada, CO  80004

Hundreds of rare and unusual fish, supplies and plants will be available at bargain prices.  This is where you meet the experts and buy the unusual!

Free Gift Bags and Door Prizes!
New and Used Equipment!
Freshwater and Saltwater Fish!
Dry goods, fish foods, and chemicals!
Plants... and much, MUCH More!

Our Spring Auction is an all day event so stop by anytime!
Snacks, Pizza, and Drinks Available!

Sellers Come at 8:00am
Viewing Begins at 9:00am
Auction Starts at 10:00am

Everyone is invited!  Bring a Friend!

Get Ready for the Auction!

If you did not get your labels at the meeting, and would like to pre-print labels, you can print these.
Printable Labels - Normal Items
Printable Labels - QuickSale Items
Printable Labels - Minimum Bid Items

If you would like to print these labels, you must attach them with packing tape that covers the label completely to protect it from getting wet. Also for Quicksale and Minimum Bid, if your printer doesn't print the blue highlight for quicksale and pink for minimum bid, you will need to highlight in Blue or Pink after printing.




CAS guidelines are very clear that no more than 5 bags of one species / color-morph may be sold by a member / person. We would like to clarify that this should be considered PER MEMBERSHIP / FAMILY. This means that even if you have 3 members in your family membership, it is not appropriate to bring 15 bags of a single species / color-morph. Too many of anything slow down the auction AND bring lower prices. If you have too many fish for one bag, please tape up to three bags together to form larger groups.


Additionally, the seller rules are also clear that used equipment, common plants, and live foods, need to be labeled and placed for Quicksale. This means all duckweed, guppy grass, java moss, micro-worms, vinegar eels, gravel, used filters, and most used tanks, etc. should be on the Quicksale table. Some exceptions to this are very good condition tanks that have stands, uncommon plants, or plants grown on rock or drift wood. When in doubt, please ask an auction staff member.


Please also review the “AUCTION FISH BAGGING GUIDE” below. Fish that are not bagged appropriately may be re-bagged without notice by auction staff at a cost of $1 per re-bagging.


Auction staff will be STRICTLY enforcing these rules to help speed up the flow and make the auction fun and successful for all sellers and buyers.


New Sellers: Please note that your auction proceeds will be made into a check and MAILED after the auction (or made available at the next general meeting, then mailed). Your funds will NOT be available at the auction for purchases.


AND REMEMBER: If any item of yours does not sell for any reason at the end of the auction and you are not there to pick it up, it will become the property of CAS and sold or disposed of as such.

Visit Our Auction Information Page

Next General Meeting:

Confirmed Event
Friday, May 2, 2014    7:30pm
May General Meeting

First Universalist Church of Denver
4101 E Hampden Ave
Denver, CO 80222

Event Open to Anyone

First Universalist Church

 7:30 p.m. To 9:00


• Dr. Vicki Aber will present a program on Patio Water Gardens, plants and outdoor waterscaping. We will have a forum discussion of the different fish and plants you may want to move outside in the summer. From a small container of water on the patio to large ponds, there are a lot of plants and fish that you can use in water-scape containers and ponds. Keep your fish happy with a summer outdoor vacation. Just in time to help you get that patio pot or koi pond ready for summer.

• We have some pond plants coming for the mini-auction.

 First Universalist Church:
4101 East Hampden Ave., Denver CO 80222
The church is located on the north east corner of Colorado and East Hampden, next to Magna Carta park. There are several churches in the neighborhood, ours is white and has a steeple in the front, with a distinctive round building to the north.
From I-25 and Exit 201 (Hampden Ave.) head west, toward the mountains. Drive 1.2 miles on Hampden Ave., the church is on the right.
From the west (Broadway, Santa Fe or University), go east on Hampden Ave. Turn left on Ash, which is one block east of Colorado. The parking lot is on the left.

If taking public transportation, take Bus 40 South on Colorado, or Bus 35 on Hampden

Promptness Award: Make sure that you are at the general meeting by 7:30 for your chance to win the Promptness Award.

Bowl Show

Competition Date: 5/2/2014

Each Bowl Show has two pre-determined classes and one open class.

Remember:  Only Flat Sided Containers will be accepted.

For More Information on Bowl Show Rules, Click Here

  • Non-native killifish. All species not native to the US. Shown in pairs or twos with dividers if needed.
  • Angels. Shown in pairs.
  • Open Class.

GENERAL MEETINGS: Everyone is Welcome!

First Friday of Each Month at 7:30pm

First Universalist Church of Denver

4101 E Hampden Ave, Denver CO 80222

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General Meetings are held on the first Friday of every month, and feature a cash promptness award, a detailed program on a specific aspect of the aquarium hobby, a bowl show, a mini-auction, and announcements of up-coming activities.

General meetings are open to the public. We welcome guests, so please feel free to attend if you are interested in aquariums and ornamental fishkeeping.

For more details on this month's meeting, see our Meetings And Events List

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The CAS encourages its members to breed and show their fish through various programs such as Bowl Shows, Grow Competitions, Aquarist of the Year, and more.  Members who place in these competitions are awarded points that are accumulated towards a number of different awards.

Learn more about CAS Competitions, Bowl Shows, and Grow Contests.


Mini-Auctions are held at the end of each General Meeting and include fish, plants, supplies, and equipment. Please note that there is a 5 item per member limit on items to be auctioned at the Mini-Auction.

Mini Auction Information:

If you did not get your labels at the meeting, and would like to pre-print labels, you can print these.
Printable Labels - Normal Items
Printable Labels - Minimum Bid Items
If you would like to print these labels, you must attach them with packing tape that covers the label completely to protect it from getting wet. Also for Minimum Bid, if your printer doesn't print the pink for minimum bid, you will need to highlight in Pink / Red after printing.

For more information on Auctions, visit our Auction Information Page.


Board Meetings are held the last Friday of each month at a member’s residence.  They are the business meetings of the CAS and are open only to members.

Members are invited and encouraged to attend. Non-board members do not have voting rights but member’s input is recognized and appreciated. It is also a great way to see other member’s aquarium setups.


Throughout the year CAS hosts a variety of educational and fun activities for its members.  Annual events may include a fish show, auctions, a Summer picnic, and the Christmas Party / Annual Awards Banquet.

In addition, other special events are held and vary each year.  Past years events have included: field trips, collecting trips, workshops, making fish food, and home (fish room) tours.

View Coming Events List


CAS holds two auctions annually: a Spring Auction and a Fall Auction. The purpose of these auctions is to generate operating revenue. Auctions are open to the public and we invite everyone to attend. Items include: bagged fish, hardware such as tanks, heaters, filters, etc., and supplies such as food and water conditioner.
For more information on Auctions, visit our Auction Information Page.

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