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December General Meeting - HOLIDAY PARTY - Friday!   Friday, December 2, 2016 7:00pm

Confirmed Event
Friday, December 2, 2016    7:00pm
December General Meeting - HOLIDAY PARTY - Friday!

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Event Open to Members and Their Guests

Colorado Aquarium Society Annual Christmas Celebration, Friday, December 2. Pot luck, at the church, bring a dish and the family.

December Christmas Party, Pot Luck, Awards, and Gift Exchange
Our Holiday Party / Potluck for December will be held at 7:00pm on Friday December 2nd.
Anyone who can assist with set-up and
decorating, please come at 5:30

RSVP's are requested as we have to set up the room for the number attending.  Each family is requested to bring a side dish or dessert.  Club will provide Turkey, Ham and beverages.

Anyone who would like to participate in our ‘White Shark’ gift exchange should bring an un-wrapped fish related gift in a paper bag, usually a value of $10,  The unlabeled gifts are placed on a table and numbers are drawn to participate. When your number is called, you have the option to pick a new gift from the table or “steal” a gift from someone else. Once a gift has been held by the same person three times, they keep the gift and it can no longer be stolen. When all the gifts are taken from the table, each participating person will have a gift and the game is over.


Also, CAS awards will be announced and given out during the party.
The Holiday Party is open to members and their guests.
For More Information Contact CAS.
Bethany Lutheran Church
4500 E. Hampden Ave
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113

Monthly Bowl Show:
The December Bowl Show will consist of:
The Grand Championship! All first place winners from all classes held during the year are eligible.
Remember: Only Flat Sided Containers will be accepted


Bowl Show: Grande Finale!  This bowl show will feature all of the first place winners that won throughout the year.  This includes each class as well as best of shows.  Below is the list.

 Questions and RSVP''s, call Keanne Brown or Tory Brown (log in to view phone numbers in location details) 

Dave Schieltz       Sciaichromis Freri (Ahli)
                             Copedichromis Azerus
                             Pusemagil Red Neon
                             Metralima Lombardoi
                             Odessa Barbs

Larry  Brown                 Chropae Danio
                             (2) Male Bettas
                             Fiddler Crab
                             Albino Angel
                             Percola Clowns
                             Florida Flag Fish

Terry Hannah                 Albino Corys
                             Moscow Black Velvet Guppies
                             Red Eared Slider Turtle

Darrell Clendinnen           Cyprinodon Sp. Crescant Lake
                             Fundulupanchex Gardneri Innidere

Brian Rose                   L-181 Ancistrus

Marti Connely                Male Betta

Kevin Thurston               Striated Loach
                             Marbled Headstander
                             Black Ghost
                             Moonlight Gourami
                             Synodontis Angelicus

Ben Rogers                   Koi Angel

Roman                        Yoyo Loach

Patricia Bab                 Pencil Fish

Sarah Wells                  Pearl Scale Oranda

Bowl Show

Competition Date: 12/2/2016

Remember:  Only Flat Sided Containers will be accepted.

For More Information on Bowl Show Rules, Click Here

  • Championship class. All first place winners from all classes held during the year are eligible.

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