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December General Meeting - Holiday Party and Awards   Saturday, December 6, 2014 6:00pm

Confirmed Event
Saturday, December 6, 2014    6:00pm
December General Meeting - Holiday Party and Awards

Cinzettis Restaurant

Event Open to Members and Their Guests

CAS Holiday Party and Awards


December Meeting: Holiday Party, Awards, and Gift Exchange

The Holiday Party is open to members and their guests.

Our Holiday Party for December will be held:

December 6, 2014      Time:  TBA
Cinzettis Restaurant


Reservations are required!
Reservation information will be sent to members soon.

Anyone who would like to participate in our ‘White Shark’ gift exchange should bring an un-wrapped fish related gift in a paper bag (preferably brown paper bag). These gifts are very fun and while there is not any limits on price range, they usually value between $5 and $20 and are in some way fish related, though they do not need to be aquarium supplies. The unlabeled and un-wrapped gifts are placed on a table and numbers are drawn to participate. When your number is called, you have the option to pick a new gift from the table or “steal” a gift from someone else. Once a gift has been held by the same person three times, they keep the gift and it can no longer be stolen. When all the gifts are taken from the table, each participating person will have a gift and the game is over. (It may sound complicated, but it is really easy when you see it in action, and is a really fun time.)

Also, CAS awards will be announced and given out during the party.

For More Information Contact CAS.

Bowl Show:
The Championship Bowl Show will be held in January.

DO NOT BRING FISH to the December Holiday Party.

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