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. A Map of Local Fish Stores

Stores in the Denver and surrounding Colorado areas.
      T. Fells

. Tank Cycle

This picture has been created to give new aquarium owners a better idea of what is going on in their tank and why Beneficial Bacteria and the Nitrogen Cycle are so important.

Not only does it show the Nitrogen Cycle and how it converts waste into plant food, it also shows how live plants can help remove Nitrate build-up to help create a more balanced system for your aquarium.

--- Feel free to print and distribute this file/picture, but please leave the text copyright and header attached.
      Submitted by T. Fells

Aiptasia control guide

This website has some great information on controling Aiptasia
      Submitted by Chris Fells

American Aquarium

Resources to keep your aquatic pets, (fish and more), happy and healthy.

Aquarium Answers;
Posts from aquatic forums and more. Check this article (blog) regularly for new aquatic answers backed by research you will not find anywhere else!
Why Use a UV Sterilizer? and Information about how UV Sterilization works;
Aquarium and Pond Sponge Filters;
Calcium, Magnesium, & KH in Aquariums;
Aquarium Medications & Treatments;
A Clear Pond; Pond Care, Filtration and General Pond Help;
Aquarium Filters and Filtration;
Basic Freshwater Aquarium Principles;
Aquarium Plant Care; FERTS, CO2, Substrate, and more
Saltwater (Marine) Principles and Information;
Aquarium Disease Prevention;
Aquarium Lighting, the premier aquatic light resource;
Goldfish Care, basics;
Aquarium Cleaning;
Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle and Aquarium Cycling
The Redox Potential/Balance in Aquariums (& Ponds) and how it relates to proper Aquatic Health
Aquarium Ich: Ichthyophthirius Multifilis and Cryptocaryon Irritans.
Freshwater Velvet & Marine Oodinium
Fish Nutrition; What ingredients are needed for proper fish nutrition, growth and health;
Spirulina Algae; The Aquatic Health Benefits for Tropical/Marine Fish, and Goldfish;
Goldfish Feeding Basics, information;
• Hobbyist Aquarium Articles;


Aquatic Plants and Flowers

A good overview of aquatic plants.
      Submitted by Andrea Glenn

Association of Zoos & Aquariums

Founded in 1924, the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization dedicated to the advancement of zoos and aquariums in the areas of conservation, education, science, and recreation. Also has a list of businesses/suppliers
      Subitted by Marty Swickard


Auction site for selling and buying fish.

Blue Zoo Radio

Blue Zoo Radio. A show dedicated to each and every aquarist making a difference in the hobby. Blue Zoo Radio features interviews with Industry Leaders, best selling authors, manufacturers, fish clubs, other hobbyists and You.

Blue Zoo Radio is live every Monday evening at 8pm EST. The archives are available for immediate download to your computer, iPod or Mp3 player OR you can stream them on your computer ON Demand. Simply click the archive to the right.

Visit Blue Zoo World to view links to a vast array of fish aficionados around the globe. Email us your group or organizations info and logo to become an important contributor to the Blue Zoo World.

You can get to the real “movers and shakers” in the industry by clicking onto “Ask the Pros”. You can view updated content, new products and ideas. Your questions and suggestions will be heard and answered… guaranteed.
      Submitted by Chris Fells

DIY Small tank gravel vacuum.

Link to a great DIY gravel vacuum for very small tanks and sand bed tanks.
      Submitted by  ‘Jubs’ - CKC Forum

Do It Yourself CO2 Picture Guide

This is a helpful guide to building your own CO2 reactor, with lots of pictures and tips. DIY CO2 reactors are an inexpensive way to help aquatic plant growers attain desirable plant health and growth.
      Submitted by T. Fells

Do It Yourself Oxygenator

This guide to making an Oxygenator may be useful in every day fish keeping and possibly invaluable for emergency situations and electrical outages.
      Submitted by T. Fells

Flowers, Plants, and Gardening: For Kids!

A wide array of information for kids about gardening and plants.
      Submitted by Mrs. Donato`s Morning Class at Union Library

Intelligent Freshwater Aquarium Stocking Calculator is a tool/calculator that helps you determine your stocking plans.  It not only advises you of information about your tank size, filtration, and species selection, it also points out potetial problems with fish combinations.
      Submitted by Gary Aguilar

All About Fish, Krill, Algae, and More: Resources for Aquarium Owners
      Submitted by Melanie

Prohibited Aquatics

Links to Several Colorado Lists and other state lists as of 2/20/15: Get List Here

Federal weed list:
Get List Here

Colorado weed list:
Get List Here

Federal Prohibited Aquatics (Section 16-13 paragraph a, line item 2)
Get List Here

Colorado Dept of Wildlife  (p. 18, however the list states that these MAY be okay as "pets in private aquaria")
Get List Here

This information changes quite often, but this is the most up to date I can locate at the moment.  (Updated 2/20/15)
      Submitted by Chris Fells (Links current as of 8/1/10)

Rare Water Aquatics

Rare Water Aquatics is a specialized hatchery and rescue dedicated to the conservation of at-risk or greater species of cichlids from all over the world.

"A facility as I am organizing will be in essence a wildlife refuge for these fish that have been displaced by invasive species or the many other environmental factors such as sedimentation and pollution that threaten them in the wild. We are an educational center and support system to anyone interested in keeping fish or just learning more. "
      Adam Delohery

The Planted Tank (TPT)

The Planted Tank has lots of good information for beginner and advanced aquatic plant keepers.

Tropical Fish Centre

Even though this website is based in the UK there are a lot of US members and it is a great way to learn a lot of information you may not have known about fish keeping.

Our Library is closed, but you can search for books to view a list you may want to investigate... Here

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