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Anyone interested in keeping ornamental fish is welcome at our functions. You do not have to be a member to participate in our auctions or hear knowledgable speakers at our monthly general meetings. However, there are benefits to becoming a member, some of which are mentioned below. Despite rising operating costs, we have continued to hold the annual membership dues at an exceptionally low rate. We are confident you will recognize the value in this. Membership Forms are available at any of our functions.

Single/Family Membership: $16.00
Junior Membership: $8.00


The annual membership fee is $16.00 US
This covers either a single person or a family and runs from July 1st through June 30th of the following year.
We also offer an annual Junior membership (age 17 and under) for $8.00 US

A few benefits of becoming a member:

  • 80/20 split on sales at the major auctions, 75/25 split at the mini auctions, (non-members - 50/50 split at all auctions).
  • Great information and help on all aspects of keeping and breeding ornamental tropical fish from local hobbyists who genuinely share an interest in your success as an aquarist.
  • Knowing you are helping promote and grow the club so that it can continue to share knowledge and provide speakers and meetings to the public.

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